Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Jamie Miles

Hey, y'all!  My name is Jamie Miles, and I love Room 401 (fifth grade)!  I've taught for six years, in third and fifth grades. Coach Miles, who also works at The Creek, is my fabulous husband.  Our son, Caleb, surpassed my height when he was 13 years old (please don't mention it - it's a sensitive subject). ;0)

The furriest member of our family, Bandit, loves to be taken on rides and to eat.  He likes toilet water but hates baths.  He's also a much cheaper alternative than Terminix!

I find joy in the small things in life like watching hummingbirds interact, growing a garden from seed, and cooking for friends and family.  I love to teach (especially messy science) and support my students, both past and present!  So, I also find joy in the big things in life like watching my kids succeed in and out of the classroom - and loving the life that God leads me through!

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